An endless passion for music, for voices,
for discovery, for people, for life.

Born April 5th 1993 in Philadelphia, PA Antoine Acosta also known as Antoine The Icon is a rapper, performer, producer, recording artist, and a songwriter. He started along this musical journey at the age of 12, and he is 23 years old now .There has been trials and tribulations along his way and ever since then he has come a long way. Antoine has grown over the years in both his character and drive, due to the many struggles he’s faced, both professional and personal, throughout his life. As a result, his Flow is unique and very creative; he mostly makes music that not only a certain group of people can relate to, but also mix-cultures of people as well. His music allows them to understand in depth how he feels about different topics in the world, life struggles and his passion for music. A quote that he’s acquired over the years “Go hard or go home “,a meaning that fits whatever you want to achieve in life, you’ve got to put in your best efforts, is something that he never takes for granted. This certainly stands true for him, as he puts in much time into his tremendous efforts for his musical dreams.

He pursues them passionately and hopes that it will eventually pay off. Some of his favorite artists are J.cole, Nas, Drake, and Tupac. As of now, Antoine The Icon has music videos on the internet as well as a new single on iTunes, & other music buying sites called “The Run-Through. He also has an abundance of mixtapes, posters, and videos, in which he’s poured his emotions and soul. He remains true to his style and personality no matter what. His artistic style is truly one of a kind. In addition, He has also has performed all over Philadelphia including places like the Community College of Philadelphia, University Of Pennsylvania, & more. There isn’t a better time than now for people to get introduced to this Musician, considering his many upcoming renditions towards the music industry. Antoine Aka The icon is a brand all in itself, just ready to be proclaimed to the world. Who is he you ask? Well that’s an answer that waits for him someday in front of the flash lights of the music industry. Will you be there to witness this rise to fame of a young man whose story lies behind his music?


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